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Hit By A Rental Car What Should I Do? – Video It does not happen often but there are occasions when accidents happen by someone driving a rental car.  In this case, the driver who was hit wants to know what action he or she should take, especially if there are...

Should I take an ambulance after a car wreck? After a car wreck, many people want to wait and see how they feel rather than going immediately to see a doctor.  This is understandable.  Sometimes you don't know if you are hurt because you don't have any major injuries...

Social media marketing

How Social Media Posts Can Hurt Your Case

Facebook and other social media apps are still the most popular ways to communicate in today's world.  Although it began with teens, these apps have become the way we regularly chat, post photos and update our friends and family.  Facebook, Instagram and...

File a Claim With No Police Report? We receive a lot of calls asking whether you can file a claim with no police report.  Somewhere throughout the years, it seems that drivers have become less educated on the need to learn laws in the State that they are...

What is Subrogation or Right of Reimbursement   What is Subrogation or right of reimbursement? Subrogation or right of reimbursement, is the right that most insurance companies hold that allows them to legally pursue reimbursement for money they have paid out on...

What do I file? Car accident or Job Injury? The video above addresses a common question:  What do I file? Car accident or Job Injury?  This is a tricky situation that brings in two areas of complex sets of law.  The laws of worker's compensation and the area of...

pedestrian involved accident


If you are in a car accident involving a pedestrian, there are things that can help you down the road. During the accident, your mind is not clear. Even if you were a witness, chances are, seeing a car accident involving a pedestrian has left you shaken. Depending...

White Geese Crossing The Road In The Countryside.

Do Pedestrians Have the Right of Way?

Pedestrians vs Cars: Who Is At Fault? With more and more people out and about these days, accidents are bound to happen between cars and pedestrians. In a battle between a person and a moving vehicle, there is no question that the machine will win. That is why...

Emergency care after the road accident

Do I Need a Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Will The Insurance Company Take Care of Me? Do I Need A Pedestrian Accident Attorney? Often people believe they can handle their pedestrian accident without hiring a pedestrian accident attorney. However, dealing with insurance companies can be tricky. The...

Kim L. Smith
Kim L. Smith
14:06 29 Apr 24
I must say this was the best experience I've ever had with an attorney and the staff. Ty Wilson and... the staff are very supportive, professional, transparent, and they do care about their clients. I have never experienced this level of concern from a lawyer for their client. Finally, I can share a personal story; for this law firm it is not about them making's truly about what's best for the client!I would highly recommend this law firm to anybody. I pray they are blessed because they are a blessing. Thank you!#Tywilsonlawfirm#oneinmybookread more
Corey Jones
Corey Jones
22:25 04 Apr 24
Normally there is no reason to leave a review if you haven't actually hired the individual, but... this time is different.I reached out to understand my position in a claim Mr Wilson could possibly be lead counsel for. Not only did he thoroughly go through my claim in our conversation, he gave me insight as to what to expect, and also his opinion on the offer I had already received.I probably got more from a claim he rightfully suggested doesn't require an attorney than some attorneys give their actual clients.His customer oriented service has the feel of how and why word of mouth spread, pre-internet. So from my mouth to your ears, do yourself a favor and reach out to Ty Wilson and receive the level of customer service I received..... and just imagine if you actually hired him!read more
Simon Melesse
Simon Melesse
01:31 06 Mar 24
Highly recommend! Mr.Wilson handled our case with utmost professionalism and expertise. We're... extremely satisfied with the outcome. Thank you for your outstanding service!read more
Dana Brown
Dana Brown
12:31 02 Mar 24
Symone Gomez
Symone Gomez
14:00 06 Feb 24
Ty Wilson is one of the best lawyers I have ever dealt with. He went above and beyond to get the... best out come for my situation. I went from being blamed for an auto accident with severe injuries and a totaled vehicle to the other party taking responsibility for the accident they caused. All my bills are paid and I even received a settlement. The staff in his office are wonderful. They were attentive to my needs and very friendly and compassionate to my situation. I highly recommend Ty more
Estella Washington
Estella Washington
03:22 06 Oct 23
I will be very transparent and totally honest. Ty Wilson hands down is one of the best if not the... best workers comp Attorneys in the state of GA. Everyone knows if you are injured at work, them folks be for the employers, Ty and staff made sure to be on point with communication, he explained in detail what I was to expect.But Ty made sure I understood the process every step of they way, when it came to mediation, he was a bulldog “respectfully… if you looking for an attorney for WC, who is well versed, not afraid and gonna make sure you get everything owed to you. I highly recommend Ty Wilson. I’m not only a reviewer I’m a client🤣🤣😂read more
Corri Brewer
Corri Brewer
21:45 28 Aug 23
I selected Ty based on the content on his social media, I thought this guy cares about people and I... was correct. We started working together and he's just good people. I want an honest kind person working with me. He puts in the work for his client regardless of the pay out. That's rare these more
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